NexLab 未来生活方式设计创新中心
@ Fuorisalone MDW 2022 米兰设计周

NexLab is an international research lab about Design and Innovation for Future Lifestyle, based in Shenzhen, Greater Bay Area of China. The lab is aiming at facilitating design-driven innovation by developing consumption culture studies and design trends studies across regions, launching design strategy research and respective design practice across academic disciplines, and driving brand innovation potentialities in the global context by experience design experiments, so as to explore more dynamic approaches and promote more sustainable lifestyles by linking together the design communities, academic researchers, enterprise practitioners, with its collaborative network around the globe.

Now, as an initiation of the lab’s activities, we are setting off our journey to Milano Design Week 2022, a prestigious festival for the global design community. It is a new start to both of us, due to the global pandemic uncertainty. 

Joining Fuorisalone MDW 2022, NexLab brings a collection of four projects——two selected work from The Tableless Ware Design Experimental Project launched by the lab, and two guests’ work from its collaborators for Art & Technology, Crafts & Mobility. This time, the lab is exploring multiple curation and participation methods, including physical, digital, and phygital exhibitions during the design week, located in Tortona Design District, 5Vie Design District, ID-exe platform, and online interface. Together with the lab’s friends around the world, we hope our safari is opening more posibilities to explore the diversity of the future lifestyle with the global creative community. 

Exhibition 1: Hedda’s Knot (Tableless Ware Experiment)

Exhibition 2: Open (Tableless Ware Experiment)

Exhibition 3: NIGHTSTER BUILDER PROGRAM——Instrument of Expression, Wang Qiuming (Guest’s Project with Harley Davidson)

Exhibition 4: Totem——WenZang (Guest’s Project from Shenzhen University’s Innovation Lab of Art & Technology)

The Crew for the Cruise to Milan:

Han Han 韩晗, He Qinyang 贺沁洋,
Hong Wudi 洪吴迪, Luo Jing 罗菁,
Yang Chenxiao 杨晨啸, Huang Yiran 黄以然,
Zhang Mu 张牧, Bi Suzhi 毕宿志, Che Da 车达

International Design Lead and Collaborators:
Pan Dai 潘岱, Lisa Linnow, Brandon Amronski, Sinethemba Xola, Tian Chen 田辰, Zhu Pengfei 朱鹏飞, Wang Qiuming 王秋铭

Young Design Talents:
Feng Linlin 冯林林, Li Zixuan 李紫炫,
Li Jinlong 李锦龙, Gao Chenxiao 高晨霄,
Chen Baofeng 陈保枫, Zeng Kai 曾恺

Creative Support Team:
Xi Jingbin 席景彬, Pei Xin 裴鑫,
Zhong Yaxuan 钟雅瑄, Wang Zitong 王梓桐

Co-founder & Curator:
Han Han 韩晗

Collaborative Organizations:
Wubuntu 吾步徒
Lisa Linnow Gallery
Wandersign 漫得意工作室
Shenzhen University’s Innovation Lab of Art & Technology 深圳大学艺术与科技跨界创新实验室

Supported by:
Shenzhen University 深圳大学
Farnova 法诺新能源