Tableless Ware Experimental Project

NexLab @ Milano Design Week 2022

Hedda’s Knot

Dr. Han Han 韩晗博士

The Design Chief:
Pan Dai 潘岱

Co-designed by:
Zixuan Li 李紫炫, Linlin Feng 冯林林, Jinlong Li 李锦龙

When & Where to find us:
06. June to 12. June
Passerella Elvira Leonardi Bouyeure, 1. Tortona Design District, Milano
Fuorisalone, Milano Design Week 2022

The Concept

The Design work Hedda’s Knot is a part of NexLab’s experimental project Tableless Ware that is to innovate the concept of table, designing for Farnova’s future conceptual vehicle Hedda. Hedda is a new concept for future mobility that carries a metaphor for the future lifestyle of avant-garde ladies. And then the table of Hedda, on one hand should serve to be supportive, on the other hand should be no longer a ‘fixed’ item. Hence, by developing a movable table interface inside the future car, the design team is trying to explore the dynamics of settings in a fixed space—the table can be split as four arm units for individual use, while can be put together as a union for sharing and communication. The digital interface attached is designed accordingly to easily change the mode of the space into scenarios serving for diverse occasions and identities (private work, conference, entertainment, personal and social life, etc.) by one easy command. The constructive structure is originated from traditional Chinese knot that represents a harmony of union, while combining it with Ibsen’s character Hedda Gabler, knot also embeds the conflict of women—our design transfers the conflict to a balance, and the balance to a dynamic possibility that makes balance no longer be an issue for the avant-garde ladies in the future. The design is initiated by the lab founder Dr. Han Han of Shenzhen University (Ph.D in Design Strategy from Politecnico di Milano), led by the chief designer Pan Dai (founder of Metaverse Srl Italy, Chief Designer of Farnova), and co-designed by young design talents from China——Zixuan Li (visual design), Linlin Feng (product design), and Jinlong Li (interactive design).

Produced by:

Supported by:
Shenzhen University 深圳大学
Farnova Group 法诺集团

Time & Location:
06. June to 12. June
Passerella Elvira Leonardi Bouyeure, 1. Tortona, Milano
Fuorisalone, Milano Design Week 2022

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