Guest’s Project
by Shenzhen University’s Innovation Lab of Art & Technology
NexLab @ Milano Design Week 2022

This is a design project conducted by NexLab’s guest collaborator——Innovation Lab of Art & Technology, Shenzhen University. It joins our cruise to Milan Design Week as it is a beautiful adventure exploring the possibilities to integrate traditional culture with future lifestyle by the development of the craft culture and new technology, as the design and innovation for the future of cultural heritage.

The Project Brief:

Known as the totem of the nation and the dictionary of culture, the patterns record the lifestyles and folklore of Chinese dynasties and generations. But unfortunately, they are gradually fading away in the course of history. In order to safeguard every corner of the splendid civilization, the project team of Shenzhen University’s the Innovation Lab of Art and Technology, led by researcher Huang Qinghui and Dr. Che Da, has spent five years travelling through more than 100 natural villages and visiting more than 20 ethnic groups, exploring the epic Chinese tattoos and starting a technology-enabled journey of conservation and heritage. The project team has compiled a database of more than 200 patterns, over 30,000 patterns and millions of written descriptions, in five different ways: history, region, ethnicity, carrier craft and theme, creating China’s first pattern database platform and building an online museum of Chinese patterns, aiming to make every pattern and its written records shine with the cultural memory hidden in human blood and bring beauty back to life.

The Team:

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